Plight of being a doctor in India

by Akash Mathur & Ruchi Joshi
We the medicos of Madhya Pradesh have started the fight against the corrupt system and have succeeded in getting our pre PG cancelled.
In the light of recent evidence the biggest question is that we all are facing is "Do we have to be criminals or do we have to posses an AK-56 to get our plight heard on a fast track in the apex court?
With so much delay in the NEET PG results we feel virtually raped; if that can get us some attention from the authorities."
We as doctors do not want to be academicians who will sit and wait for some competitive exam results. Our place as skilled individuals is the hospitals. And in a country with such a huge population there are plenty of people who are still not being able to receive primary health care and in our opinion it is absolutely inhuman to hold 90,000 doctors from serving them.
Although we have complete faith in our judiciary still there are many questions which need to be answered
With all due respect, we the medical PG aspirants of our country, we wish to state our plight in front of you that the undue pendency of case TC(C)98/2012 in the Supreme Court which is subjudice in the Court of Honourable CJI. Th case has become a reason of mass agony for the skillful yet helpless Medical PG aspirant country, as we are awaiting the verdict. Its only after the verdict which only, the NEET PG -2012 results have to be declared as stated by the Honble Court in Order dated 13/12/2012 and posted on MCI website.
We believe in the epitome of justice of our country ,hence we entered into the court with our plight only to be stated in front of our honble Court believing immensely in the power of patience and positive approach awaiting for our time to come. But resilience of the young doctors is on the verge of breaking point now , since the long wait for mere hearings in court for such a case where the plight of a huge number of doctors - over 40,000 Junior Residents which have to be appointed after the declaration of NEET results , future of 95,000 PG aspirants who gave NEET PG -2012 , and future of those unfortunate PG aspirants who might not qualify NEET PG -2012 & also those who have to sit for examination in hope for passing the next examination in the coming future ,where number amounts to be more than 1 lac owing to the addition into the total population aspiring for higher Medical education in our country every year, is at stake and grave risk of losing all hopes. We are looking eagerly towards the highest temple of justice for putting an end to this agony of learned skilful youth of our country, and are pleading to give us a fair verdict soon.
We are the sole sufferer in this tussle over NEET and we feel like abandoned masses now, due to the delay in the hearings. It is Honble Courts direction only that new sessions have to be started every year by 1st of May but looking to the present scenario, this seems to be a distant dream for us.
We again want to request you to take up dis serious matter and bring it to notice at the national level to avoid further pendency, taking into consideration the regulations framed by Honble Court itself for strict adherence to time schedule in admission to various courses by institutes, which does not permit admission to PG courses beyond 31st of May every year are followed.

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