Patient's kin rough up hospital staffers

SURI: Relatives of a patient on Sunday went on a rampage for about an hour at Birbhum district hospital alleging negligence on part of the doctors. Three persons were arrested for damaging hospital property and roughing up government employees inside the hospital compound.

It is learnt that a woman from Labhpur village was admitted with labour pain on Thursday. She then gave birth to twins but one of them was a still-born. Doctors said the second baby was premature - weighing only 700 gm - and could not be saved in spite of best efforts by the doctors. The mother and her baby were released from the hospital on Saturday.

On Saturday morning, the woman's husband Sk Mahiuddin came to the hospital with some villagers. But in the evening, the woman's husband - Seikh Mahiuddin - came to the hospital with a gang of villagers and demanded an explanation from the doctors. They alleged that the second baby had died due to the negligence of the doctors. However, cops present at the hospital and the hospital staff managed to convince them and send them back.

On Sunday morning, the group came back to the hospital and allegedly ransacked everything that came their way. They even broke into the labour room and adjacent wards - where a number of female patients and newborns were admitted - and rummaged through hospital equipment.

On-duty employees, including nurses, were bashed up. A nurse sustained serious injuries. Sushanta Makaur, the super in charge of the hospital, said: "The mob broke into the hospital suddenly. They heckled me and ransacked my office. I tried to convince them but they were in a very aggressive mood. The situation was brought under control only after a huge police force arrived." Police had to resort to lathi-charge to disperse the mob.

An official of Suri hospital said: "At present, 19 security guards of a private agency are engaged in the hospital. Plus, two policemen guard the hospital round the clock. But we find that this agency is not capable to handle security hazards and the number is not enough for such a big compound. We have demanded a police camp."

Police rushed to the spot after being informed. Three persons, including Mahiuddin, were arrested. Our force will conduct raid to arrest others," Birbhum SP Murlidhar said. 

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