MCI be-fooled: Lucknow's private Medical colleges rob more than just money

We all are much aware of the hardships that a student faces to beat the medical entrance examination. While those who succeed, become the real saviors of life but those who don't, opt for some or the other shortcuts to grab success. Here, starts the greed of monetary inflows!

Yes, you also may bag the highest medical degree from private colleges and all you need is a handsome sum payable to the hierarchies of such colleges. These private colleges charge a whooping amount to serve you a doctorate degree. These doctors are equipped with less medical knowledge and hence play with the lives of poor patients in a long run.

Uttar Pradesh also has few such private colleges which charge 20 to 25 lakhs as donation amount for providing them with the MBBS degree. When a Pardaphash undercover reporter tried to reach out to education mafia's to find out the hidden truth, they threatened them of their life.

To start up with the investigations, team Pardaphash selected few medical colleges who were established recently in the state capital Lucknow. During the research, we found out a college named 'Mayo institute of medical sciences' which claims to be associated with the Medical Council of India (MCI). 

We drilled the MCI's official website '' to check the claims of the college. We were shocked to know that the college was no where enlisted in the list of colleges which are associated to MCI.

Mayo institute of medical sciences (MIMS) was established earlier in 2012. The management, in the documents related to the college, claimed of being permitted to set up a college in the state. According to MIMS, MCI has approved a total of 150 seats for MBBS. The only eligibility to grab these seats, depends on how much one can pay in the form of donation to this college.

In our operation to bring out the hidden truth, team Pardaphash approached the college administration like a general student who wants to get admitted to MIMS. College administration gave a contact number of the concern person who apparently looks after the admission procedure of the college. 

We, then, contacted Ramesh Mishra on his mobile number 8935****** for knowing the eligibility for getting admitted to the self-acclaimed MCI approved medical institute. Mishra asked to meet him in the room number 406 of the renowned Mayo Specialty and Research Center situated in posh Gomti Nagar area in Lucknow.

When a member of team pardaphash met Ramesh, he informed that all seats are full and hence there is no chance for the admission. But when we requested him, he agreed to give admission but on a whooping price! Ramesh Mishra said that a single seat will cost you around 15 to 20 lakh which will be payable as the donation amount. He also asked to submit the sum of Rs 6.50 lakh as the college fee.

This clearly defines that any student with any percentage of marks may get the admission in the prestigious MBBS course by providing around 20 lakh to such educational institutes.

Team Pardaphash hunted a number of other college details and found out that the medical college and the hospital is owned by two doctors (Dr. K N Singh and Madhulika Singh) who keep a good rapport in the society. Finding out more on them, we came to now that these two are the relatives of ex chief minister of Uttar Pradesh. Using the ex CM's name, these two have established hospital and educational institute in the capital and also have earned crores.

After knowing the complete picture, we tried to contact the management of the college but failed to do so. When the bitter truth of such greedy medical colleges came in front of us, team Pardaphash wrote a complaint to the health secretary P K Pradhan and Joint Secretary Dr. Vishwas Mehta. Taking a stringent action over our complaint, an order was passed for Sube Singh (Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare) and Dr. Ajay Srivastav (Secretary, MCI) to take an effective step against the case.

Following their orders, Medical Council of India secretary Dr Ajay Srivastav further directed deputy secretary Veena Naiyyar to take strict action. Taking cognizance of complaint, Dr Naiyyar handed over investigations to MCI's chief vigilance officer Simi R Naakra and gave directions to submit investigation report to MCI. 

Though, officials have been given the instructions to take action against powerful owner of hospital and educational institute, but up to what extent the officials can influence the owners would be something noticeable.

Pardaphash team is soon going to expose few more names like the owner of Mayo institute of medical sciences under whom, these illegal works are being practiced.

-RK Mishra

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