Is the NEET PG demoralising aspiring doctors?

by Anuraag Jena
NEETPG - the word is enough to demoralise any doctor trying for higher studies in India. Tests were held in on December. It has been over four months and god knows how much more time till the admissions start. To add to it, the Supreme court is taking case so infrequently it might be July before we might see our results. Ordinarily, by this time admission process is close to coming to an end. Students who don't score will have suffer as they have now wasted valuable time of 2nd year preparation plus next year pattern is still uncertain.
This uncertainty has virtually broken the spine of doctors. It is a 'Life of WHY' for each one of us. Each day we are constantly refreshing SC pages to check if hearing starts or not only to end up disappointed in the evening that case was not taken. NEET UG got delayed because they knew it's uncertain. Why didn't MCI do the same to us? They should have discussed among all states before announcing a full proof NEET exam. Why were we made to be the first guinea pigs of this untested examination?
Moreover, NEET took 3800 rupees for one common exam. Then other institutes came out with examination notification last year. Some with own exam, some that will take from NEET score; with separate fees and application procedure. What's the point of a common exam? And me and more of my kind were left confused by the SC after it allowed examination to all of them. How are we expected to be in a state of mind to prepare after such confusion??
DNB results have halted for NEET. Our state OPSC selections and adhoc selections also have halted because they know after NEET results are out many will join PG. So they will have to take out another list. Our life is stagnanted, we are unemployed. It's a waste of knowledge and skill of 90,000 doctors for 4 months.
No doubt NEETPG is the best way to stop corruption in medical colleges specially the private institutes. Many colleges admit on wealth basis forget merit.Private institutions for sake of money are spoiling the future health system.Post NEET the cost of PG seats have risen. MCI needs to recheck its regulations for new medical college. Fake staff on one day MCI visit basis isn't a honest step at all for permissions of lifetime. One India One Exam will eliminate Munnabhais. Only deserving students will be heading the health system of future India.

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