World Dentist Day: March 6

The Dentist Day is celebrated on March 6 every year to raise awareness about dental health in the country. Indian Dental Association (IDA) also organizes continuing medical education (CME), workshops and seminars to update the dentists about various developmental programs aimed at improving the dental health.
Dental problems in the region
* Pyrrhoea (teeth infection with bleeding gums)
* Dental sutures
* Oral sub mucous fibrosis

* Tooth decay
* Oral cancer
* Consumption of gul or unbranded red tooth powder
* Consumption of paan (betel), paan masala and khaini (chewing tobacco)
* Consumption of soft drinks and frequent use of eatables such as ice creams and chocolates
* Poor dental hygiene with minimum use of tongue cleaner
* Use of tooth brush with hard bristles
Preventive measures
* Use of branded tooth paste
* Proper dental hygiene with application of tooth brush twice a day
* Regular use of tongue cleaner
* Use of tooth brush with soft bristles
* No tooth paste for children below five years of age
* Avoid gul or unbranded red tooth powder
* Avoid betel (paan) with traces of tobacco, paan masala and khaini (chewing tobacco)
*Restricted consumption of chocolates and ice creams
Treatment methods
Root canal treatment
Tooth implantation
Dental surgery to give proper shape to teeth
Special care
Pregnant women with dental problems require special care as pyrrhoea may lead to pre mature detachment of the baby resulting in pre term labour and delivery. The children born out of such deliveries have low birth weight and their growth and development are also affected in later part of life.

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