Underground Rainbow Ministries - Words to Know

A preferentially active lesbian (who is most often a transvestite or transsexual) is known as a butch or dyke, while the usual passive agent is called a femme.
Ref: Textbook of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology : Principles and Practice, By Krishan Vij – 5/e, p322 

A list of words that are common in gay and lesbian circles.
This is not at all an extensive lexicon, but it will provide some basics that will help you, if nothing else, avoid unintentional double meanings.
Bear -- a hairy and usually well-built man
B.F. -- boyfriend
Bottom -- the man who is penetrated during sex, often a more or less fixed role
Breeder -- a derogatory name for a heterosexual
Butch -- manly, especially when referring to a woman or the dominant partner in a lesbian relationship
Camp -- over-the-top flamboyant tackiness that is often celebrated by gay men
Chicken -- a young, skinny gay male
Clubkid -- usually a young, wild gay man who frequents dancehalls and nightclubs, often in outrageous outfits
Cruise -- to go looking for sex
Daddy -- an older man who sleeps with younger men
Drag -- impersonating a person of the other sex in dress and manner, often seen as an important identity piece for the gay community
Femme -- feminine, especially when referring to the more passive partner in a lesbian relationship
Flamer -- a flamboyantly gay man
Friend of Dorothy -- one of many clever names for those in the gay community
Gaydar -- the perceived ability to recognize other homosexuals
Gender -- refers to personality differences such as masculine and feminine as opposed to biological sex (male, female)
GLBT -- gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual -- a term of solidarity for all queers
The Life, The Lifestyle -- the closed culture of gays, often including drug use, promiscuity, clubs, drag, S&M, and/or personae
Mother -- the head of a community of gay men, often a queen
Nelly -- overly femme (refers to a gay man)
Practicing -- used by Christians to designate gays who are sexually active
Queen -- a man who makes extensive use of drag and adopts a very flamboyant and feminine persona
Queer -- refers to anything, especially sexuality, that does not conform to the heterosexual majority standard, often a fluid and unbounded sexuality
Top -- the man who penetrates during sex, often a rather fixed role
Twink -- young, seemingly innocent gay boys

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