NEET-PG 2013: Supreme Court to hear case on March 19

The Supreme Court is likely to hear the case on March 19.
NEET PG case (T.C.(C)No.98/2012) was listed as item no. 9 in the final cause list for Court no. 1 (Chief Justice’s court). 
The last hearing was on March 7. MCI lawyers did not speak on March 7. The lawyers representing medical colleges in Orissa and Gujarat were expected to speak on March 12.
There is speculation that the verdict will not be declared in March.  Students are stressed by the delay as it has left them confused about their job prospects and future.
For students  it could be a long wait as the Supreme Court is closed from March 25-30 on account of Holi and Good Friday.
NEET-PG 2013: Supreme Court  likely to  hear case on  March 19

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