Medicos make it to Cannes fest

Two young doctors who passed out of the Thiruvananthapuram medical college, Kerala, will have a dream debut at the Cannes Film Festival. Life Sentence by Dr Vincent Jose and ALFIE directed by Dr Thomas Mathai, will feature in the short film section of the 2013 edition of the Cannes Film Festival.
The nine-minute Life Sentence has been inspired by O. Henry’s Dream which famously begins thus: ‘Murray dreamed a dream’. Dr Vincent Jose, who is currently working in a private hospital in Palakkad, said: “I used the thread of O.Henry’s work to develop my own script. The film uses multiple perspectives to tell the story”. The dialogue was penned by his friend Dr Abraham Koshy and the main characters were his classmates Dr Vivek and Dr Anjaly.
Dream, Dr Vincent’s second shot, was made when he was a house surgeon in 2012. Earlier, he had made a short film Violet which was screened at the International Film Festival of Kerala in 2012. The film won for him the best director award at the National Short Film Festival held at the medical college here.
The significance of the Cannes invite is yet to sink in. “I am still under shock. I never expected that a short film of mine would be screened at Cannes. Stephen Spielberg is leading the jury this year. I am super excited that I can see him and many other international directors and actors”, said Vincent.
Dr Thomas Mathai’s 26-minute ALFIE is taken from an episode in Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams. “The film gets into the chambers of a woman’s mind as she dreams that she is trapped inside a dark dungeon,” Dr Mathai, who practices in Kottayam, said. Though Dr Mathai himself had done the script, the cinematography and editing were done by his friend Dr Sreeraj. “Both of us are interested in still photography. Our desire was to make a film to be screened in our college,” he said.

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