Junior doctors on flash strike in Uttar Pradesh

Junior doctors of all medical colleges in Uttar Pradesh went on a flash strike Tuesday after doctors from the King George's Medical College here were forced to end their indefinite hunger strike Monday night.

While resident and junior doctors struck work in the day, by Tuesday evening junior doctors in Kanpur, Meerut and Allahabad medical colleges also joined the statewide strike.
The doctors went on strike seeking the cancellation of the Uttar Pradesh post graduate medical examination.
After several attempts by the administration to have the indefinite fast end failed, Lucknow District Magistrate Anuraag Yadav ordered police to forcibly break up the agitation.
Angered at the use of force by police, junior and resident doctors of all medical colleges went on strike and were joined by the doctors of the trauma centre in Lucknow.
Doctors have also decided not to celebrate Holi Wednesday.
The district administration has since announced the the examinations would be now held April 21. The doctors have refused to accept this offer and are sticking to their demand for cancellation of the exams.

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