Jolly LLB: Movie Review

Review: A hit and run case. People sleeping on the footpath are killed. Culprit is rich. Hires a famous and brilliant lawyer. Media circus. Sound familiar? Jolly LLB is based on one such case that changes the life of our hero – Advocate Jagdish Tyagi AKA Jolly (Arshad Warsi). No points for guessing who the cunning, famous lawyer representing the rich drunken driver is. Yes, Advocate Rajpal (Boman Irani).

Jolly LLB starts off as a comic take on the common man’s struggle to make it big in a dog-eat-dog world. The fact that you have to corrupt your way to the top is made more than obvious through our hero Jolly. Not because everybody is born evil, because circumstance make them like that. And just before the interval, our hero’s circumstances hit rock-bottom thanks to a masterstroke by his wily opponent – the big bad shark in the game – infamous lawyer Rajpal.

All Jolly wants is to piggyback on a famous case, he doesn’t care about justice. But director Subhash Kapoor very neatly evokes his conscience and ours with his top-notch dialogues. The three stars of the movie Arshad Warsi, Saurab Shukla as the presiding judge and Boman Irani deliver these dialogues with such ease and wit that you wonder if the director chose the cast first and wrote the dialogues later.

Jolly LLB is a superlative satire on the state of the judicial system of our country where criminals get away because they are rich, where lawyers can prove that cars are trucks and beggars are movie stars just because money can buy anything in this country. Subhash Kapoor brilliantly makes us laugh at our own pathetic state of affairs. But once we are done laughing, most of us will leave the cinema hall pondering the deeper meaning of the point the movie tried to make.

Verdict: Superlative performances & top-notch dialogues. Another high quality satire from Subhash Kapoor. A must-watch for all medicos who appeared in NEET-PG and are still waiting for their results!

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