International Women's day 2013: What does it truly mean?

March 8, 2013 is International Women's day and the entire world is celebrating the day to show their respect, love and appreciation towards the achievements and progress made by women's across the globe. Variety of events are organized by various organizations, governments, charities, educational institutions, women's groups and other corporations like NGO's to mark the social, political and economical milestones achieved by today's women to make their gender feel proud in this male dominated society.
Gone are the days, when it was said that women's are only responsible to take care of the home, but in today's context, women are vigilant, tenacious and agile enough to contribute to the sustainable growth of a country that must be adored as well as appreciated to every possible way in order to encourage their unsought contributions.
Like every year, this year also a theme has been decided for the International women's day 2013, which is "A promise is a promise: Time for action to end violence against women," for United Nations, while International Women's Day 2013 has declared the year's theme as The Gender Agenda: Gaining Momentum.
Though, the entire world is talking about the developments of women, the increasing insane activities of rape, murder, molestations and honour killings of women in India has put a big question against the security of the nation as whether we are still ready to celebrate women's day or is it worth to just celebrate International women's day without understanding the true meaning and spirit of the day.
Making some consoling speeches, few gatherings, functions praising women's courage and perseverance, strength and contributions to society, few resolutions and promises in the name of women's day does not make any sense until they do not feel safe in their own country with all the freedom to enjoy their fundamental and human rights with grace and dignity.
Masculine violence against feminine can only be stopped by following a holistic approach towards it in every level of society. Only government cannot be blamed for the ongoing incidents of rape and molestations until the whole society comes together and understand their responsibility of respecting women and girls with equality. It is very essential to create an environment of respect, peace and non-violence in every house from the root level to protect the pride and honour of women.
The time has come for the entire nation to rethink on the degrading status of women in the country, which has made girls horrified in their own homeland. Respecting women should not be limited to a single day of International Women's day but should be a daily phenomenon. Respecting our mothers, sisters, wives and friends is not just a matter of one day but a lifetime responsibility that should come internally.
So, let's hope the International Women's day 2013 marks a new beginning by taking a firm resolution to act sustainably in order to end violence against women, so that the incidents like Delhi gang rape is not repeated afterwards and make India safe, secure and respectful for women and girls and provide them a life of pride and dignity.

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