SC Hearing Update: MCI screwed badly by Rajiv Dhavan

Today's arguments by Mr. Dhawan:

1. MCI is just a council and It is not a medical institute .

2. MCI has no powers to conduct or regulate Medical Entrance examinations .Only Medical institutions or Directorate of Medical Educations can conduct entrance examinations

3. It is a body like AICTE. AICTE has adopted perfect norms in conducting all India level exams without jeoparadising private institutions.

4. MCI has created chaos and taken large amount of money from doctors in the name of NEET-PG exams

5. NEET-PG conducted by MCI has to be declared null and void , since MCI is not an medical institute.

Some points with respect to concurrent list 66 was highlighted in today's hearing which clearly states that MCI has violated norms. He will continue tomorrow for another 30 minutes . Most probably from tomorrow onwards Tamil Nadu case will start. Seniormost lawyer Mr L Nageshwara Rao will start his arguments on behalf of Tamil Nadu. MCI lawyers Amit Kumar and Nilesh Gupta are yet to start their arguments. 

Next hearing on Feb 28.

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