PG medical fees to go up

In 2012, Dr Narendra Jadav, a first year postgraduate medical student, had committed suicide when he realized that he could not pay the fees after the establishment imposed hefty hike midterm. After his death, the hassled authorities said that there would be no midterm fee hikes. The unfortunate event highlighted how studying specialty medicine has been going out of reach of intelligent students coming from not-so-strong economical backgrounds.
These flames have been stoked once again. Admissions in postgraduate medical courses will begin in April and. Parents of the students who take admission will have to burn big holes in their pockets as fee hike ranging from 25 per cent to 60 per cent has been effected by different medical colleges for 2013-14. The decision was taken by the fee regulatory committee (medical) in July 2012, and will be applicable for the next three years. The panel officials said that the colleges had demanded huge fee hikes ranging from 60 to 80 per cent citing rising cost of infrastructure and teachers' salaries. The move has upset the student fraternity.
Increasing fees of a PG course to Rs 4 lakh or Rs 8.25 lakh per annum will take away the chance of pursuing higher medical studies from middle class students, they said. "The salaries of teacher's were hiked to fulfill the UGC criteria. This has put additional annual burden of Rs 6.5 crore on the Medical Education Trust (MET)," said dean of NHL College Dr Pankaj Patel. "The MET has raised fees of PG courses in NHL Municipal Medical College from Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 4 lakh.
All India Democratic Students' Organization strongly opposes the move and demands that the hike be rolled back," said Bhavik Raja, member of the student body. The existing fee is so high that many meritorious students are not able to pursue it. Further hike may force many deserving aspirants to follow Dr Narendra Jadav's path," said Raja.
The Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee has demanded that the state should bring about a regulation on the fee structure.
State Congress spokesperson Manish Doshi said that such hike will make this course out of the common man's reach. He said this was done with the intention to benefit the children of the industrialists. Student leaders associated with other organizations indicated that a movement will be launched soon to protest against it.

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