NEET-PG Proceedings Summary

1. Totally 13 hearings have occurred with respect to NEET-PG.

2. First Four days Mr. KK Venugopal (KKV) appeared on behalf of four minority institutions -> one among them is Meenakshi University and two institutions from Andhra Pradesh

3. Rest of the hearings was dominated by Mr Harish Salve on behalf of CMC, Vellore.

Around 160 points from the two cases was dictated line by line

(i) TMA Pai Foundation v.State of Karnataka.
(ii) PA Inamdar v. State of Maharashtra reported in (2005) 6 SCC

Mr Harish Salve has requested for two more days of hearing . After this hearing , TN Govt and AP Govt and rest of the private and deemed institutions cases will be taken up for hearing.

Since All the points regarding NEET-PG was summed up by Mr Harish Salve , rest of the hearing will take less than 7 days. If the case is listed everyday , you can expect the final verdict on or after FEB 15,2013. Though MCI lawyer was requesting for interim orders to release results of NEET-PG , permission has not been given so far.

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