Dr M Khalilullah comes up with Indian textbook on cardiology

With more and more Indians falling prey to cardiac diseases, it is more important to study the disease in an Indian context. 

In order to contribute towards this end, a renowned cardiologist of the country, who has been involved in teaching and training students of the subject for five decades, Dr M Khalilullah has come up with a textbook of cardiology. 

The book has contributions from 150 of the most renowned cardiologists of the country including Dr DS Saxena from Bombay Hospital, Dr MR Girinath from Apollo Hospital, director of the National Heart Institute Dr S Padmavati and Delhi-based Dr Raj Tandon. 

"There is no book on the subject by Indian authors, which I felt the students today really needed. This would also make it possible to have an affordable price for the book. So, I started contacting doctors I knew to contribute to this text," said Dr Khalilullah, during the launch of the book in Nagpur. 

The collective teaching experience of all the contributors and editors in conducting examinations and teaching cardiology has resulted in a book that has topics of interest for a pan-India student population

Dr Khalilullah, who continues to serve at the Heart Centre even 17 years after he formally retired, has dedicated the book to the founding teachers of cardiology in the country and the entire cardiology fraternity.

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