Dental Council of India: The history of controversies

In a fresh twist to the Dental Council scam, letters written by the members of Dental Council of India (DCI), accessed exclusively by CNN-IBN, have raised serious questions against the present Chairman of the Council, Dr Dibyendu Majumdar. This is clearly not the first time when the Dental Council of India is making headlines. CNN-IBN had reported on the story three years back.
The Dental Council of India is no stranger to controversy, accused of allowing rampant increase in number of Dental colleges, misappropriation of funds and filing misleading reports. A judicial commission set up in 2005 raised a red flag on the corruption plaguing the Medical Education Regulator. It even suggested superseding the council and replacing it with five eminent doctors, a plea that fell on deaf ears.
In 2010, CNN-IBN reported how then MoS Health Dinesh Trivedi was pushing for the dissolution of both the Nursing and Dental Council after the government's decision to scrap MCI. Letters accessed by CNN-IBN showed Trivedi alleging that a nexus of Health Ministry officials, politicians and doctors were milking the system. DCI members, too, had starting revolting against mess.
CNN-IBN exposed how the Uttar Pradesh Dental College owned by BSP MP Akhilesh Das Gupta had bent every rule in the book to get the DCI's approval to start new courses in spite of inadequate infrastructure and manpower. A letter exclusively available with CNN-IBN shows how the government is working towards dissolving all medical education regulators and making way for the National Council for Human Resources in Health.
Three years hence, there is no over arching body and nothing seems to have changed.

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