Dean AIIMS Bhopal quits

Dean, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Bhopal, Dr Kishore Choudhary has tendered his resignation on Wednesday. Less than seven months after joining AIIMS Bhopal, Dr Chaudhry quit citing frustration over procedural delays in purchase of equipment and construction of the institute building.

"I am quitting. Right from the start I had a short-term plan here but I never thought it would be so short," said Dr Chaudhry while talking to TOI.

Sources said that he had hinted at resignation in several meetings after being unable to procure equipment and facilities required to run a premier institute. He is learnt to resigned after the institute converted his job that was under contractual obligation to permanent without his consent. It did not go down well with the green card holder, who had left a good job in Los Angeles to join AIIMS Bhopal - his only choice during the selection.

Dr Choudhary's resignation is a major jolt to the premier institute that is already plagued with delay and is struggling to serve the first batch of 50 MBBS students. It has already postponed its plans to start the post-graduate programme. AIIMS is scheduled to start a 150-bedded hospital by July 2013, a target set by the union ministry of health and family welfare, which left many faculty members complaining given the current design of the hospital, said sources.

"Construction works needs to be speeded up, it's a major hindrance. We are developing the system but they are not complete. Unless a governing body comes up, we are not really autonomous. For each and everything we are dependent on the ministry," said Dr Chaudhry. AIIMS Bhopal has yet to begin construction of flats for 600-faculty which are to join in the next two years.

The construction of AIIMS Bhopal was revised to Rs 850 crore, up from an initial estimation of Rs 400 crore. "The start of 1000-bed hospital would take at least two years," he assumed.

Praising the faculty which makes up for the short comings, he said, "What we require is excellence in all the field of teaching, service and research. All of which is evolving. The infrastructure must look much better, aesthetics is pretty bad, said Dr Chaudhary, waving a final goodbye to the under construction institute.

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