PGI gets 3T MRI

The 3 Tesla MRI was inaugurated today by Dr. V.M Katoch, Secretary, Health Research, Government of India and Director General, ICMR in the Radiology section of the Advanced Trauma Centre. Dr. Y.K Chawla, Director, PGIMER and  Dr. N. Khandelwal, Head, Department of Radiodiagnosis were present on the occasion. This state-of-the-art wide bore MRI machine is capable of high performance in whole body examination, advanced neuroimaging applications like diffusion weighted imaging (DWI), spectroscopy, diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), etc,   bone marrow imaging, evaluation of the blood vessels of the body and functional imaging of the brain. It is also equipped with a high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) system which will be the first of its kind in any government institute of the country. In this system treatment of tumors of the uterus like fibroids, prostatic tumors and bony metastases can be carried out by using a focused beam of ultrasound for thermal ablation and by monitoring the treatment with thermal maps generated on the MR scanner. These procedures will be minimally invasive and may be done on day care basis. Speaking on the occasion Prof. N. Khandelwal said that the new facility will help take care of the ever increasing patient load for MRI scanning and will also be a boon for clinical research in the field of MRI in the interest of patient care.

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