Now, medical degrees on sale

Wanna become a doctor? Go buy yourself a seat. It's as easy as that. The recently introduced National Eligility cum Entrance Test or NEET for medical entrance was supposed to be a correction course. The fact that it's been held up by the courts, at the will of private medical colleges seems license to perpetuate corruption further.

BJP has reacted strongly to Newsx expose saying Higher Education Minister should set thing right. 

Medical Seats Sold for NEET Admission

Its appalling to see how medical seats are being sold for admission. NEET exam was meant to streamline the process but has only bolstered corruption. Now that its all in the open, what are the responsible authorities saying?

These seats are being sold and not being earned on merit. How serious or how professional can these doctors once they get there degree, can we trust them with our lives ?

What is the medical council of India saying on the issue ?

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