GMCH Nagpur still hoping to get more PG seats

The Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) is still trying to get approved some post graduate seats rejected by the Medical Council of India (MCI). The apex body had rejected a proposal to increase the number of PG seats from total eight to 23 in four subjects, but the college authorities are leaving no stone unturned to get back the seats.
There are just 15 days left for MCI to conduct an inspection to be able to recognize the increased seats and formally announce the increase. GMCH has sent a letter of appeal to MCI, to reconsider its decision, claiming that it has followed the procedural requirements in the right manner and at the right time. "We have sent a letter of appeal to MCI to reconsider the proposal for increase in PG seats. I am sure that we will get back the seats," said acting GMCH dean Dr R P Singh.
Sources in GMCH say that though the college could have sent the proposal much earlier, the fault does not lie there. "Reality is that the college took it for granted that MCI would honour the provisional affiliation certificate. Actually, it should have honoured it, since the certificate of affiliation from the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS) did say that the process to give actual consent of affiliation is on. But, as usual, the MCI seems to be favouring private colleges and distributing PG seats to them like chocolates while ill-treating the government colleges. Isn't it unfair? This is why doctors across the country are demanding an elected MCI body and not the nominated board," said a senior teacher.
On its part, the MUHS too claims there was no delay in forwarding the consent letter. The university registrar A Suryakar told PG Times there was no delay on its part, whereas the university gave the actual consent of affiliation certificate to GMCH on October 3, 2012.
GMCH had also paid the fees, Rs8 lakh each, of the two bodies (MCI and MUHS) on time. But MCI, which seems pretty determined not to reconsider the issue, has returned the draft.
Sept 20, 2012 GMCH writes to DMER for 'essentiality certificate', which in turn sends it to medical education secretary
Sept 27,2012 Medical education secretary issues essentiality certificate and informs MUHS
Sept 29, 2012 MUHS conducts local inquiry committee ( LIC) inspection and issues provisional affiliation certificate for course, and says the 'consent of affiliation' was in process
Sept 30, 2012 GMCH submits MUHS letter and certificate by hand at MCI office in New Delhi
Oct 30, 2012 MUHS sends actual consent of affiliation
Dec 28, 2012 MCI sends letter rejecting increase in seats
Jan 10, 2013 GMCH sends an appeal for reconsideration

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