Tough security measures in place, PGI ready for MD/MS exam tomorrow

PGIMER is all set to hold the entrance re-examination for admissions to the MD/MS courses for January 2013 on December 8. After facing considerable embarrassment following the cheating scam which was unearthed on the day of the exam itself, November 10, the authorities are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the upcoming exam is held smoothly.
Every candidate will be frisked before being allowed to enter the exam centre. Also the PGIMER authorities have imparted special training to its own security staff on how to frisk candidates before they enter the exam centres. No candidate will be allowed to enter after 9.30 am, 30 minutes before the examination starts.
There are 10 centres where the MD/MS exam is going to be held and the total number of eligible candidates is 7,285. However, last time only 5,700 candidates had turned up for the entrance examination.
It must be mentioned that the PGIMER had cancelled the previous test held on November 10 after a high-tech cheating racket was uncovered.
In order to prevent the use of any unfair means, bug detectors and jammers will be used at all examination centres and frisking of the candidates will be done prior to their entry. This time, to be fully sure, PGIMER has even banned wearing any jewellery including nosepins, earrings, bangles and carrying pens, wallets and even purses inside the examination centres.
Seven girls were arrested by the CBI) on November 10 for allegedly digitally transmitting the question paper out of the centre. They were reportedly using sophisticated mobile applications on smart-phones to carry out the operation.
Following several raids, the CBI arrested 16 persons allegedly involved in the leakage of the entrance test papers.

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