In all these matters, which are before us, the main
question which has been urged is with regard to the
applicability of the decision by the Medical Council of India
to conduct National Eligibility and Entrance Test for both
M.B.B.S. and Post-Graduate Courses for Medicine. In addition
to the above, there is also the question of admission into
B.D.S. and M.D.S. Examinations.

Having heard learned counsel representing different
parties, while we are of the view that the main matters which
are pending need to be heard and decided at an early stage,
the time taken in hearing the matters should be utilised in
allowing the students to sit for their respective
examinations, which are already notified. Accordingly, let
all the transferred cases, as well as the writ petitions, be
listed for final hearing and disposal, irrespective of other
part-heard or specially fixed matters on 15th, 16th and 17th
January, 2013.

In all the matters where transfer has not yet been
completed, those transfer petitions shall stand allowed and
all the petitions, pending in the various courts, should be
transferred to this Court by 15th January, 2013, and be
treated as Transferred cases and be listed along with these
Transferred cases and the writ petitions.

In the meantime, the Medical Council of India, the Dental
Council of India, as well as the States and Universities and
other Institutions, will be entitled to conduct their
respective examinations for the M.B.B.S, B.D.S. and Post-
Graduate courses, but shall not declare the results of the
same, until further orders of this Court.

Learned counsel for the respective parties are all
directed to make available their written submissions by 7th
January, 2013.

Let copies of this Order be made available to the
advocates on-record for the respective parties for
communication to the concerned Authorities.

Wide publicity may also be given to this Order by the
States, Union of India, Medical Council of India and the
Dental Council of India so that the students, who are
intending to sit for the entrance examination, may have
knowledge of the same.

New Delhi,
December 13, 2012.

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