Nirbhaya condition worsening: Docs

The condition of Nirbhaya, the gang-rape victim, is deteriorating with every passing day. Doctors say internal bleeding started on Sunday night due to clotting in the 
blood vessels. However, her platelet and white blood cell counts have since shot up due to supplements. 
    On Sunday, there was severe bleeding in her abdominal 
cavity due to “disseminated intra vascular coagulopathy”, a condition in which clots are formed in the blood vessels. These clots consume the coagulation proteins and platelets as a result of which normal coagulation is disrupted. 
    “There is bleeding in the abdominal cavity. Due to the infection and repeated transfusions, DIC has occurred. This was a prime reason for the sharp fall in her platelet count yesterday. We are trying to control the bleeding. As compared to yesterday, her condition is not good today,’’ Dr MC Misra, chief of AIIMS Trauma Centre said on Monday. 
    She has been given fresh frozen plasma, single donor plasma and platelet rich plasma to increase her platelet level. On Monday, doctors carried out another psychiatric evaluation of the victim. 

Father appeals for peaceful protests 
The father of the 23-year-old gang-rape victim has appealed to all those supporting his daughter not to indulge in violence. “Support us peacefully and pray for my daughter’s recovery,” he said. However, he demanded death penalty for the accused. 

Family getting psychiatric help 
    Doctors also spoke to Nirbhaya’s family to assess their condition. “She is psychologically composed. We asked her a lot of questions, but there was no sign of anxiety or depression. We have started supportive psycho therapy. We are also providing psychiatric help to the family,” said a senior psychiatrist with Safdarjung Hospital. 
    Despite her deteriorating medical condition, doctors are still hopeful that she will make it. “We have put her on high dose of broad spectrum antibiotics. Once the infection is in control, she will recover fast,” said a senior doctor. 
    “Platelet count has gone up due to the supplementation. Though her bilirubin level has come down to 5.5, white blood cell count has increased to 6000 and urine output is normal. She continues to be critical as there is internal bleeding. She also has high fever. We have not tried to wean her off the ventilator,” said Dr B D Athani, medical superintendent at Safdarjung Hospital.

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