NEET-PG: Reviews from test-takers on Dec 5 Afternoon Session

Lot of PSM questions

some 4-5 questions were small clinical scenarios

Took my neet today, avg paper. Very few repeats, not more than 10 i think 
, not much questions on usual some unknown gradings n classification systems were there there. 
Concentrate on spm programs 
before d exam was very tensed aftr reading, lo of review posts mentioning dat questions were asked from utmost basics.same basic thing happened today also, lot of basic things, but luckily many of wich most of us kno, so didntperform as worse as i thought.. 
For those with fine preparation can score very well compared to other sessions i thnk. My exam was not dat gud

very tough ,rare repeats ,few medicine & surgery,spm ,patho more

moderate paper --------but very few repeat----anatomy few--thanks god

5th eveng.. tough.. Vry few repeat.. Preparation useless.. One fourth out of world question.. How other people find it easy, dont know..

Totaly bogus feedbk,paper was easy 100 direct repeats,rest 50-60 q you cn solve by comman sense and elimination,rest out of d world bt you cn attempt it by logic,biochem was toughest

I appeared in evening session.Questions were either too easy or too confusing.You can not answer 40% question, no matter whether you studied guide or text book....everything wl depend upon luck now.

many questions wer wer v confusing.some v simple n some v depth study required

seeing the ques i wondered how many ppl could actually get most of them right....for me there were hardly 100 qs that i thought i knew something abt it(including repeats ,guesses and a bit sure abt my ans).....and the rest 140 i dont know how i marked them,its was like a gamble....just whatever i felt was the ans in first look,i marked it....really depressed.....and with the equating system this time have to see how the result is going to be.


It was very tough paper for me....don know how others feeling easy or average paper 5th pm session. Options were so leanthy n confusing n multiple too.

I dont kno which books these guys study who r saying it ws easy paper......if dey r so good dey shld easily crack aiims.....coz i found dis paper mch tougher dan aiims....almost 100-120 went over my head.....esp. Spm......

Have you read AAA(25,00 q bank),DNB PAST PAPERS cmpletely 4m 1992 to 2012? i cn say with full cnvicti0n 100 Direct repeats 4m both 
And i say it again 50 new questi0n ,any wel read guy cn solve by elimination and logic

I sat for NEET PG today in evening session.Paper was moderate. Apart from those questions asking about values .. and some GOD knows what questions ( never heard of them ).. it was a moderately good paper. But hey, u cant expect to know all questions... Can you? I read subject wise this year from all the popular books and notes from some PG coachings... worked well for me.I cant say how many repeats there were.... but there were a bunch of them.. may not be direct repeats... but those were questions which are asked in numerous PG exmas... others you can answer applying logic.Good luck to those who are yet to face NEET. icon_biggrin.gif

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