NEET-PG: Reviews from test-takers on Dec 5 Morning Session

paper was ok... but as everyone has been saying you need to be very thorough with your basics

The one thing which was fairly constant during the whole exam session was the idea that OH I DON'T KNOW THIS !! Apart from few good questions which made some sense rest were (APMO) completely moronic. Some questions were confusing enough to even know what they are asking. Chalo ekbar spelling mistakes chal sakti hai lekin grammatical ones were there too. Repeats from AA, MK, ISHAD AGGARWAL, etc were not more than 20-25. I had high hopes that they will not repeat DNB question pattern - one liners, factual and totally memory based test which laid almost no importance to conceptual and understanding based learning. An exam which is supposed to choose clinicians too was completely lacking applied and clinical knowledge based questions. So frustrated. Over and above all these the very fact that not all will be judged with same material and the whole mess of raw score, equating and scaling is making my temples more pulsating.... 

I felt it was pretty tough........could answer no more than 30 to 40 questions confidently..........all else were ruling out and random guesses.........realised should not have wasted much time on surgery and medicine..most of theques were from 1st year subjects and micro.....

Not an easy one, i feel. There were direct repeats from prev dnb papers(>10). couple of indirect repeats from this year's session as well. 3-4 number based questions, 1 sign, syndrome no eponym fractures/scientists.

What happens when you are made to feel like a fool instead of a doctor while tackling questions of medical science ? The NEET PG experience is the same. 
Dec 5 morning session was a retarded mix of questions, not clinical Qs, all numbers and facts. 
Toss a coin and answer the question. 
You will not be able to guess the answers irrespective of how hard you have studied.

about 30 question data based 
hardly 10 Qs from medicine and surgery and that too can be solved from pathology. 
most of question were from physio,anatomy psm biochem 
most of psm qs were value based, 
even surgical question were data based 
totally ratta mar paper. 
i bet most of us have marked answer by just guess,so luck will be the most deciding factor for ranking, not hard work or your intelligence

paper was vy use of studying..only guessing works..a vy bad paper...i heard other papers had some 90+ easy questions.n dis paper its hardly some 30..

My mind blocked seeing the question.....

very bad paper, hopes lost

Yeah I agree with you. I just don't know why they printed subject wise weightage in brochure when all they did was just the opposite. God only knows how are they going to calculate scores...

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