NEET-PG: Reviews from test-takers on Dec 4 Morning Session

A lot of Microbiology, Pharmacology, Biochemistry.

Guides won't be of much help. Have to go back to basic textbooks

Not easy, not tough. Mixed bag of questions

Few repeats from Kalam. Hardly any anatomy

Yes.. Guides wnt help. Freshers jst out of internship may perform marginally better. God only knows were we will figure in the final picture icon_cry.gif

It Was no Doubt Tough, not as Typical as v heard abt earlier Papers.Hardly any Numericals, percentages..Not Many give Away Qs also just a few here nd ther..Majority were either just too much out of range Basic or Rarely heard off..This s Wat i Felt..Waitin for Others Views..

pathetic paper.wat's d use of preparing for a year wen its d same for me and a fresh intern. Hardly any repeats from mk, aa, kalam or plat. Sare tukka marne wale questions. Can't even recollect most of them.

Ya d paper was kind of mixed one with very few repeats ,some basic questions lot from preclincals & offcourse unseen questions from spm 
One thing i would suggest for ppl tomm & day after is just go through d basics & self prepd notes roughly....

MY friend said very few rpts.. bit tough. did rpts cum y day

Took exam today.feared of numericals n other stupid ques.but to my surprise dint hav such ques.100 ques wre easy n basics.moderate tough shown in options.only 2 or 3 ques frm anat,surg.subj like bio,physio,med,N 2ndyr subj dominated my paper.many dnb direct,indirect repeats not alone frm kalam but frm bhatia,atul jain.Overall one who hav mugged up simple one liners frm kalam Appendix,various books tables would hav done well in my session.

one thing to add,no use of MK n so n so

t ws moderate ppr.. Mxture of easy nd hard.. Hard Qs r new to al.. Mny farm Qs.. 1st yr v.importnt.. Guys revise wt ve u read.. Read as mch u can read.. 25-30 rpts frm whol Kalam, notes r helpful.. Dnt read new thngs..

paper mixed types question more emphasis on biochem patho micro phaarma no statistics. numerical from patho

I also gave today's(4) paper morning session.I felt nearly 15 que.were unanswerable.Out of rest there were 10 repeats from mk/aa.Repeat means direct pick from mk.remaining 215 were answerable if you have read your sub wise only 4 sessions to go my advice would be to read appendix given in KALAM.i could search 10-15 q.from appendix after i came out of exam hall. 
And DON'T change the answer when you first mark it, in 2nd round.i did the same mistake and got 3 very simple q.wrong.when i had mark them right.

paper was pathetic.. very few repeats... very less from 1st yr.. paper mostly stressed on 2nd yr.. no numerical.. few clinicals present.. fingers crossed!!!

so... finally.... today... took the test... 4 th forenoon.... nw wat to say abt paper....?? it was totally diff frndz.... 
very few repeats... and the others were frm the same topics from the kalam, not the question.. 
and nw the main bulk of the paper... it was ... totaly diff .. if u want to top in the exam then frndz read those topic which is not related to the patient, disease, diagnosis, whch is nt useful for clinical practice... bahot nuksan ho raha hai exam se... 1 yr preparation pattern was diff.. and exam pattern is diff... lets c wht happens in future...

overall standrd paper...full of conceptual questns...hardly 10 repeats...10-12 data qstns.....qustns were frm corners of textbooks...some were talking abt some repeats frm previous session...may be rite...

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