NEET-PG: Reviews from test-takers on Dec 3 Afternoon Session

neither the paper ws 2easy,nor it was 2tough.although its human habit that every student finds his paper the toughest ever.there were a number of single liner repeats from aa and mk from b4 2k thing is clear that they are testing ur mbbs level study,unlike pgmee conducted by aiims in which they want to test ur extra ordinary study done in dont go under depth of subjects,retain basics and revise as much as possible...all d best

it was tough..minimum repeats...all new questions

tough paper..easy questions were there but medicine was difficult..harldly any direct repeats..

very few direct repeats..all new questions.stress on pharmac physio medicine and bicohem..confusing options as usual and few baseless questions!!

very few repeats- hardly 4-5 repeats rest all new questions - many data based questions , most questions required ur basic concepts , u cant solve those questions if ur concepts are not clear , 10-12 number based, 3-4 signs and cells asked never heard of ! overall tough paper

Its like they r asking anything under the was not silly or stupid no fathers or mothers but it was definitely full of questions asked frm tiny corners of the textbook..

Paper was okay.....physiology,biochem,ophthalm had weightge!!

I am asking for feedback cos I gave today's afternoon session. It seemed easy wt many factual one liners. But one never knows where they he/she has faltered. 15-18 questions were tough with difficulty in finding the answer among three options after ruling out the fourth option. 20-25 Qns had close options wt difficulty in ruling out among 2 options. 
I also found that the questions were following some pattern like: 
Very easy(6-7 questions)-> Easy (4-5 Qns)-> Difficult (2-4 Qns.) --> Very difficult (1-2 Qns.)--> Very easy ones again.... 

Overall a ratta paper with 5-6 clinical questions thrown in for breaking the monotony. I hv no idea wt th high score would be today afternoon.

It wasn't a tough paper, it was a rather tricky and thought provoking paper:-) they asked normal things from d angle we wud not hav thought abt,. Sad thing is I was in a hurry and 5 min after test was over realised 3 out of 4 forensic questions I marked wrong.icon_neutral.gif 

TIps : kindly go through all d tables in ur guide books , those tables are very useful ... 2days I felt was majority pathology ... 2morrow might be some other subject . Don panic during exam, go slow read questions carefully coz I found Der are some grammatical mistakes in d paper .

i have given today there were minimum repeats and minimal clinical scientists asked..found it tough..que were oneliners but they were difficult..more weightage to 1 and 2 yr subs

it was an average paper...from very tough qs to very easy ones...but majority of the qs were from the topic we read for this exam...i think the cut off will be high for this session

today's paper was like you know yet you dont know, common topics, basics, tricky paper! its the kind of paper you make silly mistakes

Oneliners were more, minimum repeats, more new ques.

looking tdays, toppic asked was same commen, but they make quest as if someone asked to make such quest frm commenly read toppics with points tht no one give attention

i found very tricky mistakes... marked few right bt during revision i marked them wrong... 1:1 ans in lots of questions.. bt tougher than dnb papers... 

few were damn easy could answer them straight away...few questions were of the karo ya maro type you can answer them only if you had read them and remember them.....there were tough bits too.... should have revised better..... its better to revise your notes instead of studying new things.....mixed paper with easy avg n hard questions.......

apart from 30-40 out of the world ques the paper was good 
around 50 questions with close options

Was an average paper i believe but based on questions one doesn't really focus on ....simple yet unable to answer correctly ...extremely disappointed as i have made many silly mistakes and marked wrong those answers also in which i was well versed...exam tension i guess...anyways a thorough knowledge of few topics is a must to crack such paper the topics as i said were the same old and ancient ones which we think we know but in exam hall we mark it wrong for me atleast i did it....very disappointed not knowing what to do now...exam over and in such type of paper selection will be very tough.. icon_cry.gif

it really comes down to luck it seems... even after elimintaion 2 options,the rest 2 r a lot of luck...prometric has increased d luck factor i think...lots of unheard questions... not much hope...nd i dont knw how they r going to equate various days nd sessions...

3 dec pm didnt go well wid me.. topics which are sidelined while preparing for pg came... had ques in which 2 options can easily be ruled out other 2 were very close 


need sum help here...evry1...who gav xam at d mayapuri center of delhi on 3rd afternoon...there was a guy in whose bag i had put my "DNB CET Reveiw" book...he took it wid him b4 i cud take it back....plz i want tht back.... 
tht person....if u r reading this plz contact me....send me a pm...

gave exam dec 3rdpm session,paper was not so tough,memory based qn mainly frm fst 2 yrs.few rare signs,some catheter size,numericals, 
overall the paper was ok...

gave 3rd afternoon. 
for a person who had a tight prep for either state pg or all india would have found it pretty simple. some 15 non regular questions but rest been there seen that kind. wat now comes into play is how well u read watever u read. concept oriented. lik someone said go through anat physio bio n cancers. rest just see wat topics u ll revise before ur viva in clinical subjects. 
my basics were weak n i stumbled but good luck to those yet to write. don give up listenin to others sayin papers are tough, give ur luck a chance, who knows paper might be full of wat u just read so keep readin with concentration.

3rd december afternoon session....paper was moderate to tuff...basics were there no doubt however they were quiet tricky...PSM was with new mb subjects minimal...many numericals...sum wid confusing options....clinical questions were given...overall not that easy....

i took on dec 3rd eve. paper somewat tough. felt a single queston has two or more options rite. but i tink v guys can get thro.

one thing is for sure psm and obg are no doubts neets subject of choice...they can ask anything from anywhere in the text books..last 200 pages of park are very imp..luck can play a major role...u will relaise that a few questions u marked right on the basis of recalled facts during ur proffs..clinical clinches..values.. etc r stressed on...not much from pedia surgery or medicine..yes..its advice..jus revise as much as u can..dont go for new things

paper was tough, its nt dat difficult 2 score 130, bt that wont help na, it wl b very tough to score 155+... Questionz were mstly 4m cmmn topics, bt they were askd in a surprizingly diffrnt ways, this multiday xm schedulng MUST B changed..

Paper was vague. Very few repeats . Questions weightage was not as given in their prospectus. Few ans are stil doubtful

no requirement of funda or depth...only revision of one liner q-a as much as possible. its my opinion after the xam.

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