NEET-PG: Reviews from test-takers on Dec 3 Morning Session

you can say thogh one as hardly 7 to 8 repeats from kalam....and 15 like numerical question......easy question constitute only 30-40%....

Mine was today morning. I cant say whether today's paper was the toughest.... as there is no scope of comparing with others, but, yes, it was a mixture of easy, difficult and some new questions (new for me atleast). I think there were about 4-5 clinical vignettes. 

Today's was a hard exam! No repeats, too many confusing questions, numbers and ent n opthal! Unfair!

After seeing paper i felt happy but after checking ans made so many mistakes.

In My View 3/12/12..some questions are very basic textbook ones,others are to extreme depth of subject that no one can remember..

was quite hard exam... 
some questions(topics) i never heard off..

had given ai2012.....poore confidence ki band baj gayi.....then got a rank in pgi....missed a clinical seat by this a rank in nov aiims......not good enough for a clinical seat....but decent enough.....was confident abt neet.....then gave confidence shattered again......clinical questions were good(thank god)...they tested ur knowledge......but one liners pata nahi kaunsi book se daal diye.......better performance than ai2012....fingers crossed....dekhte hai kya hota hai

yes overall the paper can be called as " Tough " . Around 5-8 clinical vignettes type of questions..many new questions were there...very few repeats..aound 2 questions were carrying the options which were completely unknown to me icon_smile.gif ..

honeytrap!! thats wat u call such a other words

ya.. its was tough paper... but funny thing is that among all one liner.... there was a question having 4 lines.. though it was very easy.....

it was kind of avg not very easy but around 100 wer quite easy

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