MDS: AIPG & AIIMS 2012 Solutions Now Available

Solved Papers AIPG and AIIMS (May & November) Post Graduate Dental Entrance Examination 2012

ISBN: 9788131231067


This guidance book designed for students preparing for their Post Graduate Dental Entrance Examinations covers the latest AIIMS November, May and AIPG solved papers.

Salient Features
·         Latest AIIMS November 2012–complete test paper with genuine questions, accurate answers with references and explanations.
·         The fundamentals section covers points not to forget arranged in subject-wise manner.
·         Mock Test (with answers) for all the 2013 MDS entrance examinations.
·         Simple and clear presentation of the text in the form of bulleted points.
·         Also useful for NEET preparation

Authors: Rajeev Chitguppi , Amit Lall, Kaustubh Gandhalikar


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