MCI asks medical college teachers to submit affidavit

The Medical Council of India (MCI) has asked the teaching faculty of medical colleges to submit sworn affidavit confirming their employment with the college by November 30 to be able to continue working.
The faculty will have to provide personal details like recent attested photograph, photo ID issued by the government authorities like passport / PAN card / Voter ID, registration number (both for under graduate and post graduate), name of the council with which registered.
Other than that date of joining in the present college and relieving order from the previous college, details of teaching experience with exact dates of employment at each college with experience certificate from each college, details of payment of salary from August 2011 and proof of residence.
According to the MCI the information provided by the faculty member has to be endorsed by the dean/principal/director citing that he has satisfied himself/herself about the correctness of each content of the declaration.
In its recent intimation to the medical colleges, the MCI has made it clear that if the affidavit is not submitted within the stipulated time the assessment of renewal of permission will not be undertaken for the academic session 2013-14.
The action has been taken, amidst findings by the MCI that several medical colleges had sought recognition by showing fake faculty on their roles, the faculty, some of which were actually working in multiple medical colleges.

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