28 yrs after launch, IGGMC PG ortho gets MCI recognition

Twenty eight years after its launch, Indira Gandhi Government Medical College (IGGMC) has managed to get its MS degree in orthopaedics recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI). The course was started in 1984. This has come as good news to all senior orthopaedic surgeons of city whose degrees will be recognized retrospectively.
If they want, they can now teach as professors in private colleges and even serve as PG guides. They would also be able to practice outside the state. Until now, with their degrees in orthopaedics from IGGMC recognized by the university and registered with the Maharashtra Medical Council, they could only practise and teach at government medical colleges within the state. They could not practise or teach outside the state nor could teach in private colleges in state.
The council had inspected the college on June 6 this year. IGGMC dean Dr Prakash Wakode told TOI that the college received a letter from MCI giving a formal nod for one seat in orthopaedics on Tuesday. "It has come as a shot in the arm for the college as the college had all its PG courses recognized by MCI except for orthopaedics and TB and chest medicine. The college applied for the recognition by MCI about a year back," said the dean. Dr Wakode said that though the college now meets all the infrastructural as well staff requirements for MCI recognition, it was the quality and quantum of work that impressed the MCI team.
The orthopaedics head at IGGMC Dr Maroti Koichade said the college had the required staff of one professor, two associate professors, three lecturers and six residents. "We now have all infrastructure including two operation theatres, including a specialized one for purposes like joint replacements, image intensifier, arthroscope etc and a research laboratory," he said. The college has also ensured separate rooms for all teaching staff, surgeons, residents' rooms, and waiting area for patients.
"Now if I want, with the number of publications and the experience, I can teach in AIIMS or PGI Chandigarh," said a delighted Dr Sanjiv Chaudhary who passed out his PG from IGGMC in 1988. Of course, all the practising doctors in city who have a MS degree in orthopaedics from IGGMC can teach in private colleges too.

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